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Europe Ski Holiday – Day 23 – Last Day

Saturday, 24/1/15 - travel day, return home and end of the Europe Ski Holiday.Got up at 5:00 am, shaved, showered finished packing and down for early breakfast at 6:00.  Half the team were already there with bags downstairs making sure they did not miss the bus. Our chartered coach arrived at 6:45 as promised and [...]

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Ski St Ulrich – Day 22 – Europe Ski Tour

Friday 23/1/15 - last day skiing and it will be an easy day just to put a full stop on this holiday ... sad as three weeks just goes too fast. Plan is to catch bus from Monte Pana to Saltria and ski in Alpe de Suisse (Seisser Alm) with lunch at Zalingers.  All of [...]

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Ski Val Gardena – Day 21 – Europe Ski Tour 2015

Thursday,   22/1/15 -  forecast is for snow.An overcast start in Val Gardena this morning - did the early two leg burners, then when rest of group joined we decided to do all the long steep runs today around Val Gardena without travelling too far away from home base.  So, the group went up Ciampinoi [...]

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Ski Val di Faasa – Day 20 – Europe Ski Tour 2015

Wednesday, 21/1/15 - the weather is supposed to come in today - plan is to ski Val di Faasa on our way towards Arrabba, half way around the Sella Ronda and then return8:30 starters at the bottom of the Ciampinoi lift waiting for it to open, and then, the now usual two quick runs under [...]

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Ski Val Gardena – Day 19 – Europe ski tour 2015

Tuesday 20/1/15 - plan is to ski Val Gardena at Col Raiser, The 8:30 starters were in trouble as the two runs got them to the bottom of Ciampinoi by 9:10 and the other were already waiting. Must be starting to slow up on these warm up runs.  Mel was having a day skiing with [...]

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Dolomites Skiing – Day 18 – Europe Ski Tour 2015

Monday 19/1/15 - a day to do some exploring in Dolomites skiing.Having heard about the unique ski tours available in the Dolomites skiing terrain, some of the group wanted to do to the Lagazuoi trip as the weather is forecast to be fine today, while Mel wants to try the Sella Ronda circuit.  So I will [...]

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Ski the Dolomites – Day 17 – Europe Ski Tour 2015

Sunday 18/1/15 - the first day of our 3rd and now we ski the Dolomites were the scenery is truly awe inspiring.  The plan is to start at Ciampanoi then work our way to Plan de Gralba, and for those who are keen, an 8:30 start for two quick runs down the Cimpanoi piste (either [...]

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Diary – Day 16 – Europe Ski Tour

Saturday 17/1/15 - transfer day and it is bucketing !!  The roads are well and truly all covered, and I hope our transfer bus makes it through the Flexen Pass to collect us and were not snowed in like we were three years ago in Ischgl.All down for breakfast, paid our room accounts and now [...]

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Diary – Day 15 – Europe Ski Tour 2015

Friday 16/1/15 - Our last day in Lech and the Europe Ski Holiday is now about 2/3rds over - it goes too quick.  However,  the plan is to ski Rendle in the morning, lunch at St Christoph at Hospital Alm and then a free afternoon.  Paula & Amanda were going to stay in Lech (which [...]

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Diary – Day 14 – Europe Ski Tour 2015

Thursday 15/1/15 - Near the end of the week, so there was no group plan on the 14th day of the Europe Ski Tour.  As always, everybody was free to do whatever they wanted, ski or board wherever they felt like it or just chill.  I just need to book Hospitz Alm (St Christoph) for [...]

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